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1head consist of 8 lines of 180 nozzles. 4 times as any as the conventional head. Totaling 1,440 nozzles.

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An amazing high-grade specification which enables super high speed and exceptional image quality

JV5 320 Head1 JV5 320 Head3

Output capacity - in the case of using a practical image quality for short distance signboard (540 x 1,080 dpi). The time of 4 color printing : 40m² (430sq.ft.)/h

*In the case of JV5-160S

Cutting edge function for high speed continuous printing.

UISS (Unterrupted Ink supply System)


JV5 can utilize four cartridges per color in 4-color mode. When the ink cartridge runs out, another cartridge begins supplying ink and helps prevent running out of ink. A maximum of 1,760cc ink per color can be loaded at one time.

Head height adjustment

The thickness of the media is automatically detected and the height of the head is automatically adjusted to get the designated head gap. Even when the thickness of the media is changed, printing can be made with a constant head gap. This enables the user to always obtain the best printing results.


Head gap can be set step-less in 4 positions between 1.5 mm to 7 mm.

UISS function supports long-time and continuous printing.


Mimaki's own inks

Sb53 ink


Mimaki's inks excel in high transparency and a wide color gamut that result in vivid, brilliant images representing highest picture quality. After printing heat treatment is necessary.

JV5 320 SB53

High volumes and low ink costs MBIS* (option)


The bulk ink system using ink packs of aluminum achieves as stable and reliable ink ejection as printing solely with cartridges. It is possible to use both 2-liter ink packs in combination with regular 220/440cc cartridges for colors that are not so often used. In-end detection function to prevent misprints without ink is also available.The bulk ink system is an eco-friendly ink system that produces less waste while achieving continuous printing.

*MBIS=Mimaki Bulk Ink System

JV5 320DS MBIS JV5 Series Banner




Bus Stop Shelter Poster

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Sales POP, Promotional

Exhibition Graphics



Fashion & Sportswear

Specialty Textiles

Canvas & Art Reproduction

Soft Signage, Flags

JV5 Serries Head1 JV5 Series Head Adjust

Monitoring ink-discharging state from the printing head and ink clogging is quickly detected and cleaned, saving the waste of media and ink.

JV5 Series Nozzle Drop

JV5 130S/160S (Solvent ink model)

JV5 series combining high image quality with outstanding performance.

Max. 1,440dpi. Variable dot size are adopted.

JV5 Serries 130 160 Quality

3 way intelligent heater


Intelligent heater to enhance color development and to fix the ink by automatically heating the media to its proper temperature.(included as standard)

JV5 Serries Heater

Large sized heater & Drying fan


Equipped with a large-sized post-heater and drying fan, which promotes drying of the media printed at high speeds, thus enabling the winding.

JV5 Series Fans

Heater Panel


User interface is easy to use, as the operating panel and heater lamp is placed in one place.

JV5 Series Panel

Exhaust cover


Control the odor of ink generated during printing. Equipped with exhaust fan and exhaust duct to quickly evacuate ink odors.

JV5 Series Exhaust Cover

JV5 130S/160S (Water-based ink model)

Both high speed 25m2/h and high quality with 6 colors are realized.


High quality printer with 6 colors.

High speed print with 4-staggared heads for high-volume production.

JV5 Pigment Install Kit specification.

JV5 Series Printer

Pinch Roller Clip


It is a spare part to hold the pinch roller up properly.

It reduces the strength of clamping of pinch roller.

It prevents media from uplifting.



Static Cling Prevention Net


It is a net sheet to be attached on the surface of the post-heater.

It reduces the problem of media sticking to platen caused

By static electricity on Post-heater. It assures media feeding.


High quality image & printing speed, the pride of the JV5-320S.

Max.1440 dpi. Variable dots are adopted.

JV5 Serries 320S Speed

Secure operation with wider media.

Feeding device and take-up device for heavy media.


Feeding device and take-up device can securely feed even heavy media with the width of 3,250mm (128"). Heavy media weighing over 100kg (220lbs.) can be fed with constant tension by means of tension bar and winding device

JV5 320DS Takup