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Front View



1 - Pump  Status LED


Off = Pump Not Running

On = Pump Running

LED goes from dim to bright as the pump speed is increased


2 - On/Off Switch


3 - Pump  Control Knob


Position 0 the pump is off - Not Running

Position 8 the pump is on Running at Maximum Speed

Right Side View

(Printer Connections)




4 - Pump Inlet

5 - Pump Outlet

Left Side View

(Power Connection)


6 - Power Supply Connector 24VDC

Power Supply


Input 100 to 240VAC, output 24VDC + in center


7 - Power Supply Adaptor


8 - 2 PCS of flexiable connection tubing used to connect Ink Master to your printer and waste tank.

Ink Master Controls

IMG_5952 IMG_5957 IMG_5954 IMG_5955